Help Syrian refugees and Lebanese in host communities get medical care

Women receiving prenatal care

Woman receiving prenatal care. Credits: UNDP.

The ongoing conflict in Syria has caused close to 1 million people to flee to neighbouring Lebanon. In a country with a population of little over 4 million, this amount of new residents is and putting enormous pressure on the infrastructure and social services, such as healthcare.

In the region of Sahel Akkar, close to the Syrian border, the situation is particularly dire. Among the population of 35,000 Lebanese and close to 15,000 Syrians, more than 60 percent now live in poverty. Most people in Sahel Akkar cannot afford to go to a doctor, and the local health centre is overwhelmed and cannot meet demand.

What will UNDP do with your help?

UNDP will use US $61,000 to improve the primary health care facility, helping community members receive affordable quality care, including vaccinations for children, healthcare for women and workshops on hygiene.

Improving the current medical facility will help give free healthcare ro more than 1,000 of the poorest people in Sahel Akkar An additional 10,000 people in the community will receive subsidized healthcare.

Life-saving equipment, including cardiograph machines, will be bought and used to refurbish:

  • The pediatric unit
  • The gynecology unit
  • The dental care unit

The Ministry of Social Affairs will run the centre, and local staff will maintain the equipment with funding from the Ministry.

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